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Membuat daftar pustaka dari karya yang ditulis dengan bahasa non latin

A Note About Foreign Alphabets
If you are citing a work written in a non-Latin script (e.g., Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian), the reference must be transliterated into the English alphabet. See "Apples to תפ׀חים" for more on this topic.

kutipan di atas saya ambil dari blog APA styles,

For my paper, I’m using several sources that I read in foreign languages. Some of my other sources were originally written in foreign languages, but I read them in an English translation. How should I cite these works?
--Polly Glodt

Dear Polly,
For foreign or translated works, a reference follows the basic APA Style templates, but you may need to add some additional information to get your reader to the source you used.
For example, here’s how you would cite the original French edition of a work by Piaget (note that an English translation of the title is included in brackets):
Piaget, J. (1966). La psychologie de l’enfant [The psychology of 
     the child]. Paris, France: Presses Universitaires de France.

Here’s another example, from a German journal. Again, brackets contain an English translation of the work’s title (the article, not the journal).
Janzen, G., & Hawlik, M. (2005). Orientierung im Raum: Befunde zu 
     Entscheidungspunkten [Orientation in space: Findings about 
     decision points]. Zeitschrift für Psychologie, 213(4), 
     179–186. doi:10.1026/0044-3409.213.4.179
You may have noticed that the capitalization of the article’s title is a bit unusual. That’s because in German, nouns are always capitalized. Since the capitalization carries grammatical weight (much like the capitalization of proper nouns in English), it’s preserved in the reference list.
If you read an English translation of a foreign work, the author, title, and so forth come from the version you read, with a nod to the translator:
Piaget, J. (1969). The psychology of the child (H. Weaver, 
     Trans.). New York, NY: Basic Books.
When referencing foreign language material where the information is written using another alphabet, such as Japanese, you should transliterate (not translate) the details into the English alphabet.
Example:鷲田清一. (2007) 京都の平熱 : 哲学者の都市案内. 東京: 講談社.
Washida, K. (2007) Kyōto no heinetsu: tetsugakusha no toshi annai. Tōkyō: Kōdansha.

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