Monday 6 June 2016

Meningkatkan h-index

Menarik artikel di Saya coba tampilkan beberapa point, tips meningkatkan h-indeks.

  • Publish a review article. These articles receive more citations than other papers (in general). Caveat: Some data sources may not include review articles as a document type in the h-index calculation.
  • Don’t be too modest: sometimes you can self-cite. Even if the researcher’s self-citation has been stripped out of a calculation, it might lead to other citations that are counted.
  • List documents out in order of the number of citations they have received. Is there one document that lacks only a few citations that could boost the score? Has the citation-tracking source missed any citations for that paper?
  • Ensure author profiles are consolidated and accurate in databases such as Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar. Are all of your researcher’s papers attributed to him/her? Having multiple profiles in one data source will likely reduce your h-index.
  • Register for an ORCID iD and link it to the other profiles to maintain a global view in one place.


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