Monday 13 July 2009

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Puppylib :: Linux LiveCD rasa perpustakaan

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  • Situs resmi PuppyLib

  • Merupakan sebuah LiveCD yang di remaster dari Puppylinux. Remastering ini dilakukan oleh Adnuri Mohamidi bersama dengan Yogi Rabani. Remastering ini didedikasikan untuk pustakawan. Khususnya untuk menggalakkan penggunaan Linux dikalangan pustakawan, serta mengenalkan beberapa LMS (Library Management System).

    Beberapa LMS yang dipaketkan dalam Puppylib ini adalah Senayan, WINISIS (CDS/ISIS versi Windows) dan Openbiblio. Selain itu dilengkapi pula dengan eyeOS dan OCLC Cutter. Senayan dan Openbiblio di paketkan dengan menggunakan LAMPP (Xampp for Linux) sebagai paket server dan database, sementara WINISIS dan OCLC Cutter dipaketkan dengan bantuan tool Wine.

    Rilis ini adalah Rilis pertama dengan diberi nama "Memo" dengan mengusung jargon Linux "distro" for Librarian.

    Berikut kutipan tentang PuppyLib:

    Welcome to Puppylib

    Its name may remind you with that small-but-superb Linux distribution... Yup, Puppylib is build under a puplet Macpup and is derived from Puppylinux 4.20. For your information, Puppylinux is a complete operating system for computers with just 100 MB in size. So slim, but still a beauty!! Puppy Linux is based on GNU/Linux. It's completely free and covered by the LGPL license, an open source license. In the other hand, Macpup is a puplet, the creation of customized derivatives, that comes with Mac-flavour in style thanks to Enlightenment Windows Manager.

    Puppylib is a remastering of Puppylinux for librarians. Its aims are to promote the usage of Linux in libraries and to provide and make the librarian examine the open-source library management system (LMS). Puppylib comes with 2 LMS: Senayan and Openbiblio. Since cloud-computing is becoming a trend, I also added this distribution with eyeOS, the leading opensource cloud-computing software. Last but not least, the veteran of library softwares, the CDS/ISIS from Unesco and Dewey Cutter Program are also made available in the desktop thanks to wine [wine is not an emulator].

    To make this distro user-friendly, here are the login details for each software:
    Senayan, with username=admin and password=admin
    Openbiblio, with username=admin and password=admin
    eyeOS, with username=root and password=admin

    This first release of Puppylib is called "memo", and is dedicated for dgekpuri.

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